To provide innovative, individualized, and comprehensive support to individuals with developmental disabilities who recognize their right to lead an independent and productive life, and are committed to taking control of their future.
Mission Statement

To provide support services in a manner that honors the expression of choice and control without compromising health and safety.


We all have the right to be independent and to make decisions that pertain to our lives.  True independence requires the successful application of various skills.  Once these skills are identified, practiced, and attained, the ability to transfer them into making appropriate life choices will follow.  Appropriate choice in life eliminates learned dependency, and leads to the acquisition of independence.

Support services can unintentionally create frustration because to approach is often fragmented.  Skills acquired are not retained due to infrequent application in daily living situations.  Sometimes a skill is not recognized as one of importance because its purpose in our everyday life is not clear.  A “hands-on” approach is vital to both learning and retention.


Offering day, evening, and weekend hours

Supported Employment

Assistance in:

Preparation for employment
Identification of potential employers
Securing employment
On-going support on the work site

Residential Habilitation

In-home tutoring and classes designed for the acquisition, retention, or improvement of skills such as, but not limited to:

Money Management
Household Maintenance
Safety (fire, community, household)
Interpersonal Relationships
Coping Skills
Meal Planning & Preparation
Community Support
Time Management
Telephone Skills
Social Skills

Mobility Training

Assistance in:

Procurement of a driver’s license
Identifying and learning how to use long term sources of dependable transportation in the community.


Temporary supervision provided on an as-needed basis